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Most people love to create E-book document in PDF format than Microsoft Word file because PDF format is much easier and simpler to access than the old Microsoft Word format, which requires people to have the latest version of Microsoft Word on their computers or laptops in order to open the current Microsoft Word files.

That becomes the reason why E-Book in PDF format becomes more popular these days than other text reader software out there. You don’t need any complicated specification on your PC to be able to open PDF files. In fact, all you need on your computer is only the latest version of software called Adobe Reader, and you’re good to go.

Usually, PDF format document is utilized for many important needs, such as: digital version of tangible book, digital magazine, sport tips, final computing document, school/college thesis, digital cooking recipe, etc.

The other great thing about PDF document is that E-book document has now changed the way people read book, the actual tangible book. Used to be, reading book or novel can be so bothering in the past because we needed to firstly buy the real books at the book store, bring them on to our house and read it at home.

Can you imagine of how much space do you need to keep those books in your house?

As time passes, your book collection is increasing and the space in your house is decreasing. Eventually, when your house is filled with many books and there’s no more room in your house, you will be forced to throw away those books or sell them. Isn’t that waste of money? It’s definitely waste of money.

Unfortunately, in E-book document, you’re not allowed to edit or customize the whole text inside the PDF file. There’s nothing you can do with this kind of document except to read it or share it to other people.

Convert your PDF file to Word document with this tool

That’s why you need one useful software called PDF to Word converter.

In order to convert PDF file to Word document, you just need one online software from WonderShare called Free PDF to Word. Yeah, with this online software, now converting Word file into the E-book document can be really fun and so much easier than before.

It’s really easy to use the service from that website. Once you’ve finished downloading E-book document in PDF format, the next things to do are:
  1. Open your web browser,
  2. Visit Online PDF to Word Online
  3. Browse your PDF document on your computer
  4. Choose the final format for your document
  5. Finally, press the “Convert the PDF to Word Now”
The great things about Online PDF to Word Converter

The other great thing about this website is that you can also do a batch conversion if you have large amount of PDF documents on your computer that you want to convert into Word format (up to 200 PDF files at one go). This method can be so handy if you have a really confidential document that you don’t want to let people know about it.

The service of this website is also pretty fast. It takes around 1 minute to convert your PDF file to Word document.

So what are you waiting anymore? If you want to convert your fixed E-book file into editable Word document, you can use the service from Online PDF to Word website.

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