Exclusive Games for Xbox One Revealed by Microsoft

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Exclusive Games for Xbox One Revealed by MicrosoftKnowing the console specs without knowing the possible titles that will back it up won't help you decide or commit to which one between Xbox One and PlayStation 4 that you're gonna choose to purchase.

Even though most popular and general titles like PES 2014, FIFA 2014 or GTA V will absolutely be available on both machines when they launch, but it's really important for you as a shopper to get to know with what exclusive games that later will arrive specifically on each console.

As we all know already, HALO has been Microsoft's exclusive title for years since it made its first debut on Xbox Classic, while Sony PlayStation will definitely have its own exclusive titles that will never be released to Xbox One. So, what are their exclusive titles?

According to the source, the creator of Xbox One, Microsoft has confirmed that several titles like Dead Rising 3, Halo, Crimson Dragon, TitanFall, Sunset Overdrive, Forza Motorsport 5, Project Spark and many other more will come exclusively for Xbox One. So many of you PS4 purchasers out there must bite their nails as you won't be able to play those games on your favorite console.

Besides those aforementioned titles above, there are huge possibilities that famous game makers Lionhead Studios and Rare could also be joining the forces to back up Xbox One with their pride titles, not just their popular franchise titles, but also several new ones.

If you haven't heard about the developer named LionHead Studios, this game maker has been releasing some great titles for consoles and PC, which one of them is their famous RPG series, Fable, that could possibly arrive on the next gen Xbox One. So if you're one of the die-hard fans of this game, then you've gotta prepare some budget if you want to snatch the console.

Microsoft is set to hold another new event at the upcoming Gamescom which takes place between Aug. 21 and 25. So if you want to know more about the other exclusive titles for Xbox One, then this event is definitely the one you don't wanna miss.

SOURCE: GamenGuide

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