NVIDIA Shows off its World's Most Advanced GPU "Project Logan" on YouTube

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NVIDIA Shows off its World's Most Advanced GPU "Project Logan" on YouTubeIn tech industry, NVIDIA has been known as one of the most prominent chip maker in the world that has been doing a really amazing job that mostly have something to do with manufacturing GPU or graphic processor for electronic devices like PC or consoles.

And this company tries to expand its business even further to the mobile industry by delivering its creation chips known as Tegra to every OEM (original equipment manufacturer) who wants to use a powerful super-fast processor but at very low cost, thanks to NVIDIA's decision to willingly price its Tegra chip at low price in order to grow its presence to much broader mobile industry.

And so far, NVIDIA has gained some pretty neat result with its affordable-chip program. One of them is the success to convince Google to use its Tegra 3 processor to Nexus 7 tablet, which has since been a big hit on 7-inch tablet market. Unfortunately, on this year's Nexus 7 tablet, Google favors more on Qualcomm's processor, Snapdragon S4 Pro chip than this year's NVIDIA Tegra 4.

The good news is, despite not being chosen as the chip supplier for the second gen Nexus 7 tablet, NVIDIA still has many things to offer to the mobile industry. One of them is NVIDIA's latest GPU. Recently, at the 40th ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) this chip maker just announced its newest GPU that NVIDIA stated as the world's most advanced GPU.

What makes NVIDIA confident to call its latest GPU as world's most advanced GPU is because this video card is able to deliver the same exact quality graphics seen on today's desktops to much tinier platforms, mobile devices. And when it comes to mobile devices, then NVIDIA means tablet or smartphones. Wow!! Isn't that amazing, huh?

According to NVIDIA, this "world's most advanced GPU" right now is still being developed by its team under the Project Logan. For your information, Project Logan is an initiative by NVIDIA to deliver high end computing graphics to mobile platform, which i've already mentioned above.

NVIDIA Shows off its World's Most Advanced GPU "Project Logan" on YouTubeSo that means, again, in the future, we'll likely see many high-end tablets or smartphones on the market that will be capable to run games that have the same exact quality graphics just like on desktop or PC games, or even PS4/Xbox One games.

As a matter of fact, NVIDIA has officially rolled out the teaser of this so called "Project Logan" on YouTube recently, accompanied by other NVIDIA's Project Logan video.

The first video called "IRA" shows off NVIDIA's new GPU capabilities to render a real face in real-time. Through the video, NVIDIA also shows how its GPU is able to deliver much more detailed graphics that can showcase all the elements on a real life person's face to the model on the engine. So in simple words, it's mind blowing!!

What makes me amazed with the graphics shown in the video is how the GPU of NVIDIA can deliver all of that insanely detailed real-time graphics in really fast with no lags whatsoever. This is simply brilliant!

The other similar Project Logan video shows how NVIDIA's new GPU is also capable to render the 3D island also in real-time, but in more detailed and stunning visual graphics that you can even see every rock on that island has their own unique particle on it.

I think it's just really amazing to see what NVIDIA has to offer for the future mobile devices. I believe this project will go head to head with what Google does on its Nexus 7 where Google has added Open GL ES 3.0 software to its tablet, which enhances graphics capabilities on the tablet even further than other Android counterparts, especially in gaming sector.

Hopefully, it won't take much longer for NVIDIA to finally out its Project Logan to future Android tablets or smartphones, or even its own tablets or smartphones, because the competition is becoming even fiercer especially when Google outs its powerful yet affordable tablet to the market, which no doubt will become another big hit in tablet market.

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