Rayman Legends WIll Launch on PC this August 30th

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Besides making high-graphics intensive games like Splinter Cell series, Assassins Creed or Prince of Persia, Ubisoft has also been really popular with one of its cute-looking game Rayman series. Similar to Prince of Persia, Rayman series is a platforming game that takes place in imaginary lands.

Rayman Legends WIll Launch on PC this August 30th

The difference is, Rayman is a funny and cute game, while Prince of Persia is more serious game with complicated combat system in it. But that is the main selling point of Rayman as this game will be fun to play not just for kids, but for all the human being on this earth who love playing platforming games for fun.

Anyway, recently, Ubisoft as the creator of Rayman series, just announced that the PC version of Rayman Legends is about to release on PC. The game will be outed on this August 30th across all the Europe while people and Rayman fans in North America will be able to get this game later on September the 3rd.

This news is a really exciting as gamers in general, will definitely want to get the hands on with the game immediately as the next gen Xbox and PlayStation consoles are about to come out in the next few weeks or months. So Rayman Legends can be one of many great additions to these new devices.

Meanwhile, if you happen to pre-order this game on Uplay, there is another good news for you. Uplay is offering you Rayman Origins for completely FREE of charge. What do you think? Interested?

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