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Hi bloggy readers,
Nowadays, many famous websites or blogs are using script file or javascript in order to modernize and give more advanced and dynamic interface to their websites. But the problem is, how to file upload javascript to the proper and reliable hosting server that can be constantly accessed over and over again without having a server down problem?. Yeah, now let Google Code handle your problem.

Google Code is a website dedicated for developers or programmers to make it easier for them to access any kind of source code or file upload javascript that has been uploaded by other people all across the planet to its databases. In this website, you will get the most complete catalog for all of the source codes and file upload javascript you can't find on other websites.

On the other hand, what Google Code provides to bloggers can be the best platform that can file upload javascript codes for their blogs without facing a server down problem in the future.

Want to know how to file upload javascript to Google Code website? Here's the tutorial..

1. File Upload Javascript file to Google Code

Firstly, Go to the Google Code Website through the URL address to begin uploading your javascript source code.

2. Press the button My Favorites
On the upper right position of Google Code website, you will see a drop-down option called My Favorites, now press that button. By doing so, you will be prompted with a drop-down menu regarding the provided service from Google Code.

press my favorite on goggle code3. Press the option Find the open source project
After pressing the drop-down menu called My Favourites, now you will be able to pick the option whether to open the current project you've just made recently, or to create a new project. Now press the option Find the Open Source Project.
press find open source project on google code4. Create a new project
In the new page, there are lots of options to pick regarding the current source codes that have been uploaded by many people on Google Code website. In this page, you will be able to find any kind of script code, such as Python, Javascript , Django, Web, CMS, etc..etc. But if you cannot find any script that you're looking for, you can start uploading your own Javasript code by pressing the Create a new Project link.
create a new project on google code
5. Fill the required fields
In the Create a new Project page, you will be prompted with the blank form. In this form, you must fill the correct information regarding the Javascript you're about to upload. I assume that now, you want to upload a Javascript for the Date Calender widget.
So, in the Project Name field, type bloggerjavascript without using space and capital letters.
In the Project Summary field, type collection of blogger javascripts.
And last but not least, in the Project Description, type a sentence that describes the whole purpose of your new project. Now start typing "the project dedicated to blogger blog widgets".
In the Version Control System, pick the option Mercurial.
In the Source code license, pick the option Mozilla Public License 1.1.

6. Press Create Project
After filling the required fields with the correct information, by pressing the Create Project button, you will be brought to the new page for your new project.

7. Press Download
In the new project page, there are 6 sub-tabs that can be switched, such as Project Home, Downloads, Wiki, Issues, Source, Administer .Now press the sub-tab Download to start uploading your file upload javascript to the Google code website.
press download on google code
8. Press New DownloadIn the Download page, press the New Download link. By doing so, you will be prompted again with the required form.
press new download on google code
9. Fill the required fields
In the New Download page, fill again the required form with the correct information regarding your current Javascript you're about to upload.
  • In the Summary field, type "date calender widget for blog".
  • In the File option, press the Browse button to start searching the Javascript in your Computer. After finding the file with an extension .js, now press Open.
  • In the Label field, pick the option Works with all operating System.
10. Press Submit
Now press the Submit to let your file to be uploaded to the Google code server.

11. Press Copy Link Location
After the uploading process is done, you can start using that javascript by copying the URL address that later, can be used to access that Javascript file. On the left side of the Filename, there is an arrow picture. In that arrow picture, press the right click of your mouse and then press the option Copy Link Location.
copy the javascript address on google code
12. Save the URL address of the file upload javascriptAfter copying the URL address of that javascript, now you can save it to the Notepad just in case if you want to use that script again in the future.

Okay, that's it for now about file upload javascript. Having any problem in uploading your Javascript file to the Google Code website? Don't be shy, just leave your question in the comment section below, and i will try my best to help solve your problem.

I'm Out...

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Marvin Rangge Velasquez said...

very useful :)

Iniyan said...

Yes its very useful..... Thankyou

html5 converter said...

Thanks for sharing your info. I really appreciate your efforts and I will be waiting for your further write ups thanks once again.

html5 converter said...

Thanks for sharing your info. I really appreciate your efforts and I will be waiting for your further write ups thanks once again.

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