Amazon Reportedly Working on Video Game Console

Amazon Reportedly Working on Video Game ConsoleIn the past few years, Microsoft and Sony have been monopolizing the sales on console market with their superior homemade consoles, Xbox and Sony PlayStation respectively.

As a matter of fact, these 2 gaming machines have been 2 absolute choices for many gamers out there who want to get a truly gaming experience on console. However, having been the biggest sales gainers on console market doesn't mean that Microsoft and Sony will have no challengers in the upcoming future.

Apparently, besides Nintendo that already has its own handheld gaming devices available on the market to date, rumor has it that there are some other tech juggernauts that will join the console war in the near future. The giant online retailer, Amazon, surprisingly, is one of them.

After being rumored to make its own Android-installed smartphone, this online retailer once again becomes the center of public attention as it reportedly plans of making its own gaming console. Actually, this news came at no surprise given that public already know that 2 other tech behemoths, Apple and Google are also being reported to do the same thing like Amazon. Not to mention, earlier a few months ago, an Android-powered console device known as OUYA had already launched to the market.

Anyway, according to Game Informer, Amazon right now is still in the development stage of its own video game console, that will come with Android OS out of the box.

What makes this news seem plausible is because the sources of this report are believed to be the knowledgeable insiders that have the exclusive access to in-development hardware of Amazon's console. So, there is a huge chance for this rumor to come to fruition in the future. Unfortunately, when asked about this floating rumor, Amazon told Game Informer that the company wouldn't comment on such rumors or speculations.

Well, if this turns out to be true, then i'm still curious with what kind of console that Amazon is developing right now. If Amazon's gaming console is not running Android OS, then obviously it's gonna be very difficult for Amazon to challenge even Nintendo, let alone Microsoft or Sony, because Amazon will have a hard time finding the game developers that will be interested to back up its console with their titles since it has no potential or future proof that it's gonna take off in the future.

Amazon Reportedly Working on Video Game ConsoleAnd the fact that Microsoft's Xbox and Sony's PlayStation are 2 most popular and trusted gaming consoles for all regular gamers, with over 77 million units and 75 million units of Xbox 360 and PlayStation 2 respectively sold, then Amazon stands no chance to challenge either one of them, let alone both of them, on console market.

On the other hand, if Amazon puts its wager on Android to run its console, then Amazon has a pretty good chance to gain success with its own console machine in the future given that Amazon has a really huge and popular online retail website in its grasp, plus a well-established Android App Store that no doubt can be utilized to market its own console device to its loyal shoppers, just like what Amazon already did with its Kindle Fire tablets, which made this slate become instantly popular in the speed of light.

However, if Amazon indeed is using Google's homemade OS on its gaming console, then the question is, is Amazon's gaming console only capable to run Android-flavored apps or games, without any other features to run games outside Android, just like NVIDIA Project Shield that, besides Android apps, can also stream games from PC?

Well, if Amazon's gaming device is only able to game Android apps on its platform, then there is no question anymore that Amazon's console users will only need to download games through Amazon App Store in order to get new games, without needing to buy the tangible DVD games at the stores. And that is a huge plus point for Amazon, publishers/developers and users, eliminating the costs for packaging, taxing and shipping.

Therefore, Amazon has much smaller goals to achieve than Microsoft and Sony (plus Nintendo), which one of them is to sell its gaming console as many as possible on console market in order to challenge the sales of Microsoft's and Sony's latest consoles, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

And the good thing is, Amazon doesn't need to convince developers anymore to make games for its console given that these developers are already creating games for Android platform in regular basis. So even the most popular games on Android or iOS can still be found on Amazon's console.

Unfortunately, there is still an obstacle that will likely be holding back Amazon to gain success with its gaming console. And that is to convince Android developers to well-optimize their creations specifically for Amazon's gaming console.

This may not sound such a big of deal for many of us, especially since many Android apps mostly can be run on any Android-flavored device on the market to date. However, the truth is, if Android apps are not well optimized for Amazon's new gaming console, then the users of this device, will have troubles running their favorite apps on Amazon's console.

Amazon Reportedly Working on Video Game Console
OUYA: Android Gaming Console
For you information, the other brand new Android-powered console named OUYA just got launched a few months ago. Unfortunately, according to many of its users, there are not many Android apps that have been well-optimized specifically for this console, thus making many apps look like crap when being played on that console, with many of them showing bugs, errors and distorted graphics, although Tegra-certified games like Dead Trigger or Shadowgun still look awesome to play. And this is so surprisingly given that OUYA has a huge potential to sell great on console market since it's only priced at a mere $99.

So, if Amazon indeed is in the making of its own gaming console that later will be armed with Android OS, there are many issues that Amazon still need to address. One of them is to get as many Android devs as possible to join forces in well-optimizing their apps or games specifically for Amazon's console.

And i believe that task is not very very hard to do compared to OUYA, given the fact that Amazon has a huge and popular online retail website and a growing App Store in its grasp that later can be used anytime by the owner as the weapons to convince developers to well optimize their apps specifically for its gaming console.

But if that's true this is gonna happen in the near future, i really hope that Amazon's gaming console will come with some other "special" features besides gaming Android apps and watching movies/TV series, maybe like the abilities to play ROMs of old gen consoles (e.g., PSX games, SNES, Nintendo, etc), to run media files like MP4, MP3 (of course), 3GP, FLV, etc, from CD/DVD or USB flash drive and any other capabilities that will surely make it stand out against rivals. I believe there is a great chance for Amazon's console to do well on the market if it offers more specialties than any other consoles on the market to date.


New Tegra 4 Tablet Named Kobo Arc 10HD Spotted on Benchmark Sites

The announcement of Tegra 4 a few months ago brought nothing but fresh air to tech world, especially mobile industry. This NVIDIA's latest SoC creation (System on Chip) is stated to have the same quad-core CPU (just like the predecessor Tegra 3) but staggering 72 GPU cores, which is 6 times then the GPU cores found on the previous chip. Well, this means one thing, things like games, video and other HD contents will run buttery smooth on any Tegra-4-powered device and the whole performance of the device will absolutely be as fast as the "Man of Steel".

New Tegra 4 Tablet Named Kobo Arc 10HD Spotted on Benchmark Sites

As a matter of fact, NVIDIA itself already showed off everything that Tegra 4 could do on NVIDIA's reference tablet platform at the event when they announced this chip, like doing much even faster multi-tasking on browser tabs and apps than other high-end devices, watching 4k movies in smooth performance, and most importantly, running highest-mobile-quality 3D games in stunning graphics without any single cough. And apparently, one of the lucky tablets that will enjoy this super-fast chip for the very first time is Kobo tablet.

Recently, a brand new tablet was spotted on a pair of benchmark sites. This one is called Kobo Arc 10HD, which i already said earlier, will be armed with NVIDIA Tegra 4, plus an HD display, allegedly is a 2560x1600 pixel screen, which is, as high as Google Nexus 10 tablet that was already outed last year.

Besides those 2 aforementioned specs above, Kobo Arc 10HD is said to come with Android 4.2.2 out of the box, a possibly 10-inch screen (given that its name reads Kobo Arc "10"HD) and the Tegra 4 SoC will be clocked at 1.8GHz, according to the data found on benchmark sites.

Unfortunately, there is no word whatsoever about the remaining specs of this tablet, as well as the pricing. But since this Kobo Arc 10HD tablet will be equipped with high-end specs (Tegra 4 and 2560x1600 pixel display), then it's save to say that this one is gonna make tech geeks drool when reading the whole spec sheet.

I just hope that Kobo (if this really is the manufacturer's name) could price this tablet a bit, or even much lower than Google Nexus 10's tablet, making it more competitive around the 10-inch tablet market. That's because if Kobo dares to price this tablet higher than Samsung Nexus 10, or even iPad 4th gen (or iPad 5th gen, which is unlikely to happen), then this tablet can just kiss good bye to all tablet shoppers out there since they would obviously prefer to choose between Google's tablet or larger iPad. 

But i believe that's not gonna happen given that Kobo can be said as a new player in tablet market. So you can still get your hopes high that Kobo Arc 10HD will get the price tags that you've always wanted for a 10-inch tablet.


Android Tablets Now Officially the Biggest Market Share Gainer than iPad

There is no doubt that the popularity of Apple's pride tablet, iPad has been growing ever since its first debut a few years ago. Thanks to premium build quality, buttery smooth performance and the so called "Retina Display", the iPad is a definite choice for many tablet shoppers out there who don't want to learn anything whatsoever about complicated tech stuff on gadgets.

However, ever since Android tablets entered iPad's growing niche market, the popularity of iTablet kept shrinking down even further. And last i heard, last year, Android managed to bag almost around 50% or something from the entire market share in tablet industry.

And apparently, that hasn't been changing quite a lot until this day as Android now has managed to capture the lost of iPad's market share and magnified its reign in this market. Recently, as reported by Strategy Analytics, Google's Android OS gains almost 34.6 million sales of Android-flavored tablets in the Q2 of this year. And that's a huge jump from last year's 18.5 million tablets shipped under the Android flag.

But what about Apple's tablet? Well, as i already said earlier, the fall of iPad keeps becoming really clearer for us to see as this so called "premium tablet" only manages to be sold around 14.6 million units in the same period. And what makes it even worse is, that's a huge decrease from last year where Apple managed to sell 17 million units of iPads in the same quarter.

The reason why this happened is maybe the release of Google Nexus 7 tablet, which suddenly became a big hit in 7-inch tablet market ever since it's debuted last year at Google I/O. The sales of Nexus 7 tablet may not be that huge compared to its counterpart, Samsung Galaxy Tab or Kindle Fire, but Google's tablet was definitely the one which raised this 7-inch tablet market from the dead (besides Amazon's Kindle Fire) and made everyone want to buy Android tablets instead of iOS-installed tablet.

Anyway, overall, now Android manages to bag around 67% of share in global tablet market, which is a big jump from last year's 47.2%, compared to Apple that now only owns around 28.3%, which is a huge degradation from last year as iTablet commanded almost a half of tablet market share.

Does this sound like a good news? Maybe not for Apple. But for me this is definitely an awesome news given that Android tablets, especially high-end quality tablets from big players like Asus, Samsung, Sony and others, have been improving in all aspects, from design, UI, features and even build quality. So there is no longer a definite choice of tablet as everyone can pick up whatever they want and their chosen tablet will still be a great tablet.

Hopefully, next year will be the year when Android tablets control more than 80% as this will make Apple think even harder to not fool its fans anymore with all of that gimmicky "enhancements" like much thinner, much faster or much cooler design as people now demand more on tablets, such as functionality, features, user customization on UI and the most importantly, the specs.

But the good thing is, there is a sign that Apple's devices will get a major overhaul in the future when they announced iOS 7, which brings much more customizations like live wallpapers, more features and new software designs to iOS devices. So good luck for that!!


The Division Preview: It's Coming to PC in the Near Future

The Division Preview: It's Coming to PC in the Near Future
In its preparations to welcome the next gen consoles, Ubisoft has been working extremely hard to bring not just 2, 3 or 4 new games, but many new series, including new IP titles, that will be ready to get gamers really busy this holiday season.

And as you know already, Assassin's Creed will be stepping to the next installment of this series, which is the sixth episode of this game on consoles, as well as Splinter Cell: Blacklist (not to mention Prince of Persia).

Meanwhile new soon-to-be franchise games like Watch Dogs, The Crew and The Division will definitely be some new great additions for console owners out there. The good news is, The Division, which is a full-online multiplayer game, reportedly will arrive soon to PC in the near future.

Okay, we already know that some games like GTA V or Fable Legends won't likely be ported to PC as Rockstar Games is still busy prepping the launch of this game on current-gen Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 next month on September 17th, while Lionhead Studio declared at Gamescom that the latest installment of Fable, Fable Legends, will be Xbox One's exclusive title, meaning that other consoles won't be getting it.

But apparently, Ubisoft decides to not take that road as this will hold them back from selling more copies of their games on the market. Therefore, the news about "The Division" arriving on PC definitely is a great sign that other Ubisoft's titles will likely be heading to PC in the near future.

Anyway, as i mentioned earlier, Ubisoft's The Division is a game that is designed as a full online multiplayer game. Just like the other online multiplayer games, in The Division, you'll be able to play with your other friends, either real life or social media friends or even someone you barely know, and join forces with them in a group, the group of resistance.

The Division Preview: It's Coming to PC in the Near Future

If you've already seen the teaser trailer or even the gameplay trailer of this game, in The Division, the story begins as you're deployed in one ruined city.

The Division Preview: It's Coming to PC in the Near Future

As a player, you'll be equipped with gadgets and also guns to protect yourself and your group from the attack of other group that consists other online players (maybe your real life friends) that are also playing this game in their houses, dorms or anywhere across the planet Earth.

The Division Preview: It's Coming to PC in the Near Future

Your job here is to survive in that ruined city and gain new levels or experience, plus weapons, goodies and maybe some new internet friends.

The Division Preview: It's Coming to PC in the Near Future

One of the great things found in The Division is that this game has really huge maps. So you'll be spending hours of hours or even weeks to explore the entire city in order to proceed to the missions. The graphics are also looking good and real.

The Division Preview: It's Coming to PC in the Near Future

And i think the entire city of this game has been designed by Ubisoft to be as realistic as possible with the real life, so don't be surprised if you see Manhattan bridge in this game look so real. I believe The Division will look way even more stunning on the next gen Xbox One and PlayStation 4 than on other consoles or PC.

Meanwhile, at the Gamescom held a few days ago, Ubisoft through its representatives, stated that the company would bring a first-rate experience of The Division to PC gamers when this game finally launches later.

According to them, Massive Entertainment, which is the one that develops this game, has its roots in PC development with earlier games like Ground Control and World of Conflict. So if you're eager to play this game on your beloved PC, then you need no worry as this game will still be as great as on console.

They also noted about the importance of users' feedback for the further development of The Division in the future. So if players have any input or complain in this game, Massive Entertainment guarantee that they will listen to every user's opinions. Besides, that's the only way The Division can be improved, thus generating more loyal fans in the coming future.
“I can’t stress enough how important it has been for us to feel your support, interest and commitment to the game. Your opinions matter to us. The positive energy you bring back to the team will help us create the best game possible. 
I think there are many things about this game that look prominent in front of players. First of all, of course, the graphics. The Division no doubt looks and works great. The visual effects, the sun glare, the buildings, the real-time reflections, the realistic objects and environments, and not to mention a feature-rich social simulations, all just looks great. That's the first pro.

The Division Preview: It's Coming to PC in the Near Future

The other interesting aspect of this game is the full online multiplayer support that is equipped in this game. I think it's just amazing to see how you, as a player, can play with other people, that maybe are located far far away from your country, and make a group with them. Its just awesome!!

The Division Preview: It's Coming to PC in the Near Future

And the fact that this game also allows users to interact with other players, even with voice communications. Again, this is just mind blowing.

I just hope this feature will also be available to use not just when you play co-op multiplayer with your real life friends near you, but also with other people, even strangers that are located like one region away from you. That's so cool!!

All Images are taken from iPlay Video via IGN
SOURCE Gamefront

Fable Legends Preview: Announced for Xbox One and Supports 4 Co-op Online Multiplayer

Fable Legends Announced for Xbox One and Supports 4 Co-op Online MultiplayerAs an exclusive title for Xbox One, the arrival of Fable Legends will definitely be so special not just for the owners of Xbox One only, but also for all of the loyal fans who have been following the journey of this role playing game ever since it made its first debut on Xbox a few years ago.

And if you happen to be one of the huge fans of this series, then you all already know that in this game, you're given 2 options of paths: to do good deeds or bad deeds; to be hero or villain; to be good or evil; and each of your choice will further shape up your own journey ahead in the land of Albion.

However, compared to the first series of this game, Fable Legends brings so much even more than the predecessors. And as announced by Microsoft at the Gamescom in Cologne a few days ago, Fable Legends is an online RPG or known as MMORPG, where you'll be able to not just play it online, but this game also offers you an online co-op multiplayer, allowing you to play with 3 of your other friends, either in real life or your social media life.

Fable Legends Announced for Xbox One and Supports 4 Co-op Online Multiplayer
Which one is your choice?
In Fable Legends, as you already see in the teaser trailer of this game (which you can find it below), the story begins when all of the 4 characters, the heroes, from a skillful Prince-alike hero with the knife, a big archer guy, a magician chick with will power and a blond-haired lady with big sword are getting brief introductions by the narrator of this game.

Fable Legends Announced for Xbox One and Supports 4 Co-op Online Multiplayer
Heroes to the Rescue

But the problem arrives when the power of darkness, which is controlled by a dark witch with black magic, creates hordes of monsters and giant ogres that are trying to attack the heroes from entering a castle.

Fable Legends Announced for Xbox One and Supports 4 Co-op Online Multiplayer
Giant Ogre and Some Ugly Monsters
That evil witch is standing on the top of the hill, watching over those 4 heroes from above, as she is playing with her dark magic in the hopes to stop those heroes from destroying the evil power.

Fable Legends Announced for Xbox One and Supports 4 Co-op Online Multiplayer
When The Good Meets The Evil
From the teaser trailer of Fable Legends, i think it's really clear where exactly Lionhead Studios wants to direct the fourth series of this game. With things like 4 co-op multiplayer, a full online integration with the game, plus an amalgamation with users' social media accounts (maybe?), then Fable Legends definitely wants gamers to dip themselves not just in some regular ordinary online RPG, but it's more than that.

Fable Legends is a complete package of multiplayer role playing game where players are able to bring their social life into the game and play together with their close friends or even some other people that they barely know from all over the world, fighting against the evil spirit in order to finish the game.

And this is really not so surprising given that Fable has been known, popularly known, not just as an ordinary role playing game, but it also has many social kind of features inside the game, such as, as you may know, the ability to flirt with ladies, to fight against royal soldiers, to make jokes or entertain other people that you probably meet across the street, and even to fart to a bunch of neighbors that you really hate. In short words, Fable is a lot like The Sims: Medieval.

Actually, it's The Sims: Medieval that copies Fable. But at the same time, i also think that, Fable also copies the social simulations from The Sims like talking, laughing, joking, insulting, etc and bring them all in Fable. So basically, both of them copy each other. The Sims: Medieval copies the concept of "medieval role playing game with social features" from the Fable. And Fable copies the social simulations from The Sims.

Anyway, as a tradition of Fable series, and maybe other role playing games as well, in this game, as a player, you will be given with many tasks and quests. And every time you finish each quest, you'll be able to proceed further to the next level and this is when your real adventure begins. Unlike the first series of this game, in Fable Legends, i don't think you really need to start things all over again from being an abandoned child, until becoming an adult hero, just like the old days in Fable: The Lost Chapter.

I believe in this fourth series of Fable, even though you'll need to start your journey again as a child (maybe) and start learning and practicing to use weapons and magic, it's really obvious the storyline of Fable Legends will definitely be so much different than the predecessors. And this is really important especially for the loyal fans of this series, to have way different journey and adventure than what they've already had from the previous series.

Besides, it would be so stupid if Lionhead Studios decides to blatantly use the similar storyline, adventure, missions and even the quests from the previous Fable 1, 2, 3 into this Fable Legends. That's SO NOT Lionhead Studios, which i think is really brilliant.

Fable Legends Announced for Xbox One and Supports 4 Co-op Online Multiplayer
4 co-up online multiplayer support
So what's the catch of playing this game? Well, as i already mentioned earlier, besides offering 4 co-op multiplayer and a full online integration with this game, Fable Legends also brings many new awesome goodies that i'm really sure, cannot be found in the predecessors, such as:
  • new shapes of enemies or monsters, 
  • new maps, 
  • new missions/quests, 
  • new weapons, 
  • new social acts (maybe new dancing styles or farting styles?), 
  • new souvenirs 
  • and many more.
On top of that, what makes Fable Legends stand out from all the previous series is definitely the options of 4 hero characters that players can choose to play in this game. From a clever prince with knifes and sword, an archer, a magician chick and a blond-haired lady with knight armor.

All of them absolutely have their own specialties and skills, plus sense of humors of course, that can be useful to help you and your multiplayer friends every time the dark evil power approaches. Fable Legends is set during Albion's age of heroes, which was 400 years before the events of the first Fable. And this is kind of cool because in this game, you'll play as one of 4 heroes that later, will be the legends in Fable: The Lost Chapter, which is the first series of this game.

Well, if this brief preview already fills you with excitements, then you should definitely snatch this game when it launches. However, it's worth mentioning that Fable Legends will only be available for Xbox One owners. But who knows, in the coming future, maybe next year, Lionhead Studios and Microsoft change their minds and finally bring this game to PC.


PlayStation 4 Release Date: Announced on November 15, Xbox One Still Vague

The Release Date of Sony PlayStation 4 Officially Announced on November 15, Xbox One Still VagueAfter several months waiting restlessly, now the future owners of either PlayStation 4 or Xbox One can finally breath comfortably as Sony and Microsoft have announced the release dates of both consoles.

However, the more precised launch date only came from Sony's rep as this company has told the public that its next gen gaming machine will finally be released on November 15th. And that's the launch date of PS 4 in North America.

What about people in Europe. Well, if you happen to live in this region, then you must be a bit patient as your favorite console can be yours on November 29th.

On the other hand, even though Microsoft didn't explicitly mention about the exact launch date of its console, but attendees at Gamescom who happened to carefully listen to Microsoft's representative when announcing that Need for Speed: Rivals will be the a launch title for Xbox One on November 21th, then it's it's really obvious that they could simply guess when the Xbox One will finally launch on the market.

The Release Date of Sony PlayStation 4 Officially Announced on November 15, Xbox One Still VagueAnd as we already know earlier, Sony PlayStation 4 will be made available in all 32 countries worldwide during this holiday season. Meanwhile, as the proud pre-ordering owner of Xbox One in European, Microsoft decides to giveaway one cool prize for you. And that's is a free copy of FIFA 14 that you can have it for completely FREE.

If you choose your path to be the owner of Xbox One, then you should know that this console is priced by Microsoft a way higher, to be exact $100 more than what Sony is asking for PlayStation 4.

However, given that Xbox One is already integrated with Kinect motion sensor in it, then $399 is still a good price for you, especially since Xbox One has more exciting titles that will arrive exclusively only for Xbox One owners, like Fable Legends, Dead Rising 3, Gears of War: Redux, Halo 5, Call of Duty: Ghost and many more. So you're guaranteed to get more special treatments than what you can get if you own PlayStation 4.


Preorders of PlayStation 4 Hit 1 Million Units, According to Sony

Preorders of PlayStation 4 Hit 1 Million Units, According to SonyWith Microsoft and Sony already taking preorders of next gen Xbox One and PlayStation 4 since a few weeks ago, then it's going to be so exciting to see when the actual consoles really land to the end users this holiday season.

As we heard yesterday, there was some report from DigiTimes that came with the estimation of how many PlayStation 4 and Xbox One units that would be shipped until the end of this year.

And according to the unnamed sources from that report, PlayStation 4 was predicted to ship over 10 million units this year, which is a huge degradation from 16 million units shipped in the previous estimation. On the other hand, Microsoft's homemade console is following behind Sony PlayStation 4 with around 7 to 9 million units being estimated to ship this year.

Actually, this estimation seems plausible given that Xbox One will finally land on the market before the holiday season, while Sony PlayStation 4 will be available on the market before Xbox One's official release date. So that's why PlayStation could possibly gain more sales than Xbox One since it arrives much sooner than Microsoft's pride console.

Preorders of PlayStation 4 Hit 1 Million Units, According to SonyBut if you're not a big fan of sales estimation, especially from unnamed sources that clearly don't have enough credibility in it, then you should probably hear the sales prediction that came out directly from Sony's mouth.

Recently, Sony just flamed a fuse of psywar against Microsoft by announcing that the company's next gen console, PlayStation 4 managed to bag around 1 million preorders all across the world. This statement was made by the head of Sony's SCE computer entertainment divisions on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Andrew House, the SCE chief executive also revealed the information about the availability of PlayStation 4 in North America from November 15 and in Europe from November 29. Not to mention, he also mentioned that PS 4 will also be available all across 32 countries worldwide during this year's holiday season.

On the other side of ring, Microsoft stated that Xbox One will finally hit the shelves at some point in November, even though they mentioned no exact release date of that console. This will definitely bring Microsoft and Sony some more months to prepare for their epic battle that will finally happen in this exciting holiday season. Which one will win still remains to be seen. But i'm guessing Xbox One will grab the crown of console war this year.

With the exclusive titles like Fable Legends, Halo 5, Dead Rising 3, Gears of War: Redux, Metal Gear Solid V, Call of Duty: Ghost arriving only on Xbox One, then it's really obvious which of Xbox One and PlayStation 4 that will look more attractive in the eyes of shoppers this holiday season.

SOURCE theGuardian

Fighter WIthin is a Exclusive Fighting Game Coming this Fall for Xbox Kinects only

Fighter WIthin is an Xbox One Exclusive Fighting Game Coming this FallEarlier a few days ago, actually yesterday, pubic of gamers were struck by the surprising news about Ubisoft that was caught red-handed registering the new domain name at on

According to the news, the domain name at allegedly was owned by the one and only, Ubisoft, thanks to a clever spotter who managed to sniff around the name servers that were pointing back to Ubisoft official website.

And by looking at the cache page print-screened by someone at, on that screenshot, we could finally see what exactly Ubisoft has been planning for a new game named Fighter Within. And as many have suspected, Fighter Within indeed is a fighting game and according to that cache web page, it's really clear for us to see that this game will be one of Xbox One's exclusive games coming up next year, if not this holiday season.

But if that report is not convincing enough for you, then you should hear what Ubisoft itself has just announced recently during the Gamescom conference held in Cologne, Germany a while ago. At Gamescom, Ubisoft finally unveiled more detailed information about this upcoming game to the attendees of that event. Fighter Within, as we already know, is a fighting game developed by Daoka and published by Ubisoft and it'll be out only for Xbox Kinects, which can only be found on Microsoft's next gen console.

Interestingly, as Xbox Kinects' exclusive title, Fighter Within will be integrated directly with Kinect motion sensor, which comes bundled with Xbox One. And having known that, then when playing and fighting enemy in this game, you literally have to use your body (e.g., hands, feet, etc) in order to send commands directly to the Xbox Kinects motion sensor, which then delivers every movement that you make and translate it into kick, punch, jump, dodge, even elbow (maybe?) and any other movements that are supported in this game. I think it's kind of cool if such game like game will land on Xbox One.

Well, if you're so excited to own this game, then you must also purchase Xbox One as this is the only console that will see the light of Fighter Within this fall. And given the fact that this game is fully-integrated with Xbox Kinects sensor, then don't get your hopes too high this game will ever land on PlayStation 4 in the near future, unless Sony decides to sell an official motion sensor like Kinect that is sold separately or let third party companies make it for PlayStation 4. That maybe could change the exclusivity of this game on Xbox One.

Fighter WIthin is an Xbox One Exclusive Fighting Game Coming this Fall
Xbox Kinects Exclusive Game


GTA 5 Rumors: NVIDIA Spills the Hints about PC Release this Fall (Accidentally or Deliberately?)

NVIDIA Spills the Hints about the Release of GTA V on PC this Fall (Accidentally or Deliberately)
More About GTA 5 Rumors
There is no doubt that most of PC games look well-polished and have more detailed graphics on PC than on console. However, despite its superior graphics than current-gen consoles, one of the cons of being PC gamers is that there are so many console games out there that are still not available for PC, even until now (Fable 2 for example).

And it's not because PC hardware are inferior than console. As a matter of fact, it's the other way around. Gaming-dedicated PCs have way much better hardware specs than today's consoles (with the exception of Xbox One and PS 4 of course). Unfortunately, that doesn't mean that game developers/publishers will guarantee that their console titles will be ported to PC. Grand Theft Auto from Rockstar Games is one of those games.

Even though the predecessor series of this game, which is GTA IV, has been launched officially on PC, there are huge possibilities that PC gamers will bite their nails for the several times as GTA 5 will never make any visit to PC. And this will be one of many GTA 5 rumors that you'll probably hear in the next few months. 

As you may know already, Grand Theft Auto series has been available for PC gamers ever since it's debuted a few years ago, to be exact, one decade and 6 years ago, in 1997. Since then, this game has been around for various different platforms, from PlayStation, Dreamcast, GameBoy Color, GameBoy Advance, Xbox, smartphones, tablets, handheld devices, until the current-gen PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

However, despite the fact that this game was debuted firstly on Microsoft Windows/DOS in 1997, apparently doesn't make the creator of GTA, RockStar Games want to release the latest installment of this series, Grand Theft Auto V, to PC. This actually is one of the GTA 5 rumors that has been discussed in PC gaming community in the past few months.

NVIDIA Spills the Hints about the Release of GTA V on PC this Fall (Accidentally or Deliberately)
GTA 5 rumors about the release of this game on PC

With the release of GTA 5 on current-gen consoles (i.e., Xbox 360 and PS 3) heading even closer to reality, which is on September 17th next month, that no doubt has emerged the fears of all PC gamers out there about the impossibilities of this game to launch on PC. In fact, in order to not let that happen, PC users who are also the huge fans of this game, decide to join forces to petition Rockstar Games on as the last resort to push this game maker to launch GTA 5 on PC.

However, even though that petition now has managed to gain almost 314.000 signatures from all across the world, or at least from all across the PC gaming community, the possibility of GTA 5 to ever launch on PC is still vague given that Rockstar Games still prioritizes current-gen and next-gen consoles for its latest games.

Thankfully, among all of these floating bad news, there is still some shed of hope that will certainly bring little smile to all PC gamers.

During the earnings call hosted by NVIDIA's Senior Director of Investor Relations, Chris Evended a few days ago, this specialized GPU maker apparently has some good news especially for all of you PC gamers out there.

In that conversation, when talking about how PC gamers are affecting the PC market, Chris, either deliberately or not, hinted, in fact, shared it clearly that, NVIDIA is looking forward to prepare its systems "for a strong roaster of games coming this fall, including blockbuster franchises, such as Call of Duty: Ghost, Grand Theft Auto V and Assassin's Creed IV."

And surprisingly not, that clue has automatically fired the fuse of more GTA 5 rumors among PC gamers about the possibilities of Grand Theft Auto 5 to visit them this fall.

For your info, as a specialized GPU manufacturer, no wonder that NVIDIA has been working together with several game developers in order to well-optimize their games specifically for NVIDIA-GPU-armed devices, in term of graphics. And NVIDIA's homemade GPU are mostly used only on devices like PC, tablets and smartphones, while video game consoles from Microsoft and Sony have their own custom chips, supplied by AMD.

So that's the reason why if there are talks about partnerships between NVIDIA and console game developers/publishers, there will be noises among public about the possibilities of console games to launch on PC.

Actually, NVIDIA itself already has a recent partnership with Ubisoft earlier to optimize Assassin's Creed IV for PC, while the partnership between NVIDIA and Activision is related to no other but the optimization of Call of Duty: Ghost for NVIDIA-GPU-powered PC. So if NVIDIA's representative already dares to bring up GTA 5 in the conversation about the games that NVIDIA has been preparing for this fall, then it's just a matter of time before we finally hear these GTA 5 rumors shape up into more tangible reports in the near future.

However, when cornered with this speculation, NVIDIA's spokesperson decided to give this official response:
“Please note, during our Thursday’s earnings call, our investor relations team provided a list of important games that gamers are looking forward to on PC this fall, and included Grand Theft Auto V on that list. 
This statement was made with the intent of expressing enthusiasm for the games industry in general, and was not intended to represent specific knowledge possessed by NVIDIA. NVIDIA does not have information on any possible PC version release of Grand Theft Auto or its availability. We deeply regret the error.”
Well, whether this rumor will come to fruition or not, i believe the possibilities for GTA 5 to launch on PC is without a doubt, huge. And it's not because of that NVIDIA's statement and response or even the petition made by PC gamers on But it's simply because GTA 5 is a very popular game all around the planet named Earth.

NVIDIA Spills the Hints about the Release of GTA V on PC this Fall (Accidentally or Deliberately)And the fact that its predecessor, GTA IV, has already been made available on PC since long time ago, it just makes it even clearer for us to see that there is no use for Rockstar Games to make GTA 5 exclusive only for consoles, especially since PC gaming market is still promising and huge in number, despite the fast growth of mobile gaming market (i.e., smartphone and tablet games).

So for all of you PC gamers out there, who are still afraid of not being able to play GTA 5 on your beloved PC, you definitely should smash all of your fears and be more confident about the possibilities of GTA 5 arriving on your PC.

However, there is one big question that still needs to be answered. And that is, when exactly will Rockstar Games launch GTA 5 for PC?

Well, that answer is still blurry until now given that Rockstar Games' President himself hasn't even spilled anything about the launch date of GTA 5 for the next gen consoles, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. And it looks like, you need to wait patiently as Sony's PlayStation 4 will finally launch to the market this November, while Microsoft's homemade console will land before this year's holiday season.

So if you really really love this game and want to have it on your PC, there will be many many months of uncertainty waiting ahead of you.

Enjoy!! ~_~


Ubisoft's New Game "Fighter Within" Spotted on GoDaddy

When it comes to mobile games, Ubisoft obviously has delegated all of its resources and obligations to its French-based subsidiary, Gameloft. However, when it comes to console gaming, this game maker will absolutely bring all of its A-game to this platform.

After releasing its famous franchise series, Assassin's Creed IV and new IP title, Watch Dogs, now this giant publisher is being reported to work on another new title that allegedly will be name-tagged as Fighter Within.

According to IGN, the name of this Ubisoft's alleged new game was spotted by someone who saw the domain registrations of at, which as you may know, has been one of the most popular web domain and hosting services all across the web. Meanwhile, flashback to 2 months ago, in June, the other similar domain, was also found registered by the one and only, Ubisoft.

Actually, the owner of both domains have been set as hidden on GoDaddy website. So no one could possibly know that Ubisoft was the one who registered both domains. However, thanks to a brilliant spotter, he/she managed to sniff around the name servers of domain which pointed back to the And coincidentally, both domain addresses currently point toward a web section of Ubisoft's website that still show nothing but a "coming soon" page.

Meanwhile, when asked about these 2 new findings from, Ubisoft is still tight-lipped about the existence of such game known as Fighter Within. Unfortunately, despite Ubisoft's denial, this new discovery apparently has spoiled the surprise that Ubisoft has been preparing secretly for the upcoming Gamescom conference that will take place in Cologne, Germany from August 21 until 25, where game developers/publishers, including Microsoft, will be gathered to showcase their new creations to public.

To be honest, i've no idea about what kind of game "Fighter Within" really is. I'm assuming it's kind of like Street Fighter or Tekken game where players are dunked together in one arena and start fighting mercilessly until one of them die, or at least until they are running out of life bar. However, i doubt that Ubisoft is gonna make such game given that in its history in gaming world, Ubisoft is not very well known for developing fighting games. But that doesn't close the possibilities entirely in the upcoming future that this giant game maker will have new plans to enter the fighting world.

On other possibility, i think it would be awesome if Ubisoft's Fighter Within is an adventure-action-simulation-packed game similar like Grand Theft Auto or Scarface: the World is Yours, where gamers can play in an open world environment without any rules applied. But the real mission of this game is really clear, you have to toughen up yourself by learning to fight, working out your muscles and eating good foods in order to be qualified to enter the fighting arena.

But i don't think this kind of game would ever come close to existence because it's not that interesting to play, especially since Grand Theft Auto V has everything and even way more than what we'd expect from a genuine action simulation game.

Meanwhile, someone at apparently managed to spot a cache page of Fighter Within website and it looks like, this game indeed is a fighting game. Interestingly, based on that web page, Fighter Within will be one fo Xbox One's exclusive titles coming up in the near future.

Image by

Gamescom conference is coming even closer to realization. So if you are so eager to know about what kind of game "Fighter Within" really is, then you this event is the one you don't wanna miss.


Asphalt 8: Airborne Slated to Release on August 22nd

Asphalt 8: Airborne Slated to Release on August 22nd
Hey you racing gamers out there, especially for those of you who like playing mobile games on smartphones or tablets, the up and coming famous arcade-racing game from Gameloft, Asphalt 8: Airborne is heading even closer to the official launch.

As being reported by multiple sources, this new installment of Asphalt series has been slated by Gameloft to release in the coming days, to be exact, on August 22nd, which is only 2 days away from now.

This news certainly gives nothing but a fresh air given that Gameloft has been teasing us with the trailers of Apshalt 8: Airborne in the past few weeks ago, which has left us wondering and drooling as well, thanks to many significant improvements and enhancements shown off in the game, in term of graphics and gameplay.

This news also has calmed down the public of mobile gamers who have been really curious and eager to play this game even more, thanks to Gameloft's decision to delay the release of Asphalt 8: Airborne earlier a few days ago.

Anyway, if you are one of those people who are still scratching your head when hearing the game named "Asphalt", Asphalt 8: Airborne is the latest installment of Gameloft's popular arcade-racing series, Asphalt, that has been developed by Gameloft on various kinds of platforms, from N-Gage Classic and QD (Asphalt and Asphalt 2), Java/feature phones (Asphalt 3), N-Gage 2.0 (Asphalt 4) and smartphones and tablets for the remaining episodes (Asphalt 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8).

Personally, i've been playing the first installments of this game since a decade ago, and i think, from all the series, nothing could beat this latest Airborne series. First of many reasons is of course, the improvements of graphics.

Thanks to the fast and significant developments of smartphones and tablets' hardware in the past few years, plus the enhancements that Gameloft has done on its game engine, this giant mobile game developer finally manages to bring the genuine arcade-racing experience to this latest Asphalt series, without disrespecting the previous series of course.

What makes this game now look so awesome and graphically stunning is because Gameloft decides to remake the entire graphics engine of this game, including body physics of cars and environments, and bring them all to the far new level.

Not only that, Gameloft also adds up another new game engines to this latest installment, thus making this game look much even insane and the real-time visual effects found in this game are simply gorgeous. So no wonder that Asphalt 8: Airborne could possibly become one of the best arcade-racing games, or even the best on mobile platforms when it finally launches.

Well, if you've already seen the other arcade racing game made by Gameloft, called Fast Five, which was a movie tie-in game from Fast and Furious 5, this game also looks so amazing graphically and similar with Asphalt 8: Airborne, in Fast Five, you can also fly your cars in the air while speeding up against other top drivers on the road.

The difference between Asphalt 8 and Fast Five is, in Asphalt 8, you can do freestyle mode, while in Fast Five, you are not allowed to do that.

On the other hand, in the latest installment of this Asphalt series, you can't do Prince of Persia's famous "flashback time mode", where in Fast Five, you are given the power to rewind the time whenever your car crashes the walls or collided with other cars heading toward you, making sure that you can finish the race without any scratch or dimple on your car.

But who knows, that could possibly change if Asphalt 8: Airborne indeed came with that "flashback time" mode when it launches.

But overall, based on the video reviews found on YouTube, Asphalt 8: Airborne kind of looks similar with Fast Five in many aspects, from graphics engine and also the open world environments (although Fast Five environments' graphics are just top notch, look at this picture below if you don't trust me).

Asphalt 8: Airborne Slated to Release on August 22nd
Fast Five (Image by Gameinformer)

Asphalt 8: Airborne Slated to Release on August 22nd
Fast Five (Image by HDblog)
But surely, there will be many improvements and new goodies being added to this series given that Gameloft, a couple of days ago, just decided to delay the launch of this game. So i believe there are some major tweaking here and there, plus some additions of features that Gameloft has secretly added to this game.

I just hope that, with all of these new enhancements, Gameloft doesn't insanely magnify the size of this game that consumes like 10 gigs of storage on devices because compared to other mobile game developers, most of Gameloft's games are so heavy in size, ranging between 1GB to almost around 5gigs after the installation. And that's just crazy given that some games on my Xbox console only weigh around 2GB to 6GB, even the most graphically intense games like Fable.

Well, if that happens to Asphalt 8: Airborne, it would be so repelling to majority of mobile gamers out there, who don't really like playing racing game on mobiles, even though if it's priced at $0.99. So Gameloft should be really careful in putting up so many content and graphic resources in this game, many potential gamers will think twice before even downloading the trial version of this game (if there's any).

Anyway, for those of you, the impatient fans of this series, be sure to mark August 22nd on your calendar because Asphalt 8: Airborne will finally launch on that day for Android and iOS devices. And given the fact that this game will have stunning graphics and amazing visual effects in it, then those who can enjoy this game at the finest are the ones who own the high-end flagships, including LG Nexus 4 or Moto X.

Unfortunately, if you are the proud owner of old gen iPhone, iPod Touch and iTablet, don't get your hopes too high as this game will only be available only for iPhone 4 (or later), iPod Touch 4 and iPad 2 (or later). So make sure to upgrade your older device to the newer one if you really really want to taste the genuine experience of arcade racing game on mobile devices.


CloudBerry Kingdom Arrives to PlayStation 3, Vita Next Month

CloudBerry Kingdom Arrives to PlayStation 3, Vita Next MonthWhen it comes to handheld gaming, then the eyes of gamers will definitely go to either Nintendo 3DS and of course, Sony PlayStation Vita. Yup, both of these devices are currently 2 definite choices for gamers out there who want to play high console-quality games on handheld devices, especially PlayStation Vita.

However, if you ask most handheld gamers out there, which one between these 2 gaming machines that will make them "wow" or amazed, then your wager should definitely be placed on Playstation Vita. The reasons are simple, it's more powerful, it has great support for a wide variety of console quality games, and it's made by Sony, which you already know, it has been really popular in gaming space with its PlayStation brand.

Anyway, if you are one of the owners of Sony PlayStation Vita, there is a good news for you, especially if you like playing adventure-type of games on handheld. This one is called Cloudberry Kingdom and it's on its way to Sony PlayStation Vita later next month. And in order to make you even more excited with the arrival of this game, the teaser of this game has just been launched a couple of days ago.

If you're the proud owner of PS 3, then you don't even need to wait much longer if you want to play this game on your favorite console as Cloudberry Kingdom has already been available to buy on the North American Store, as well as the European version.

Meanwhile, the President and Co-founder of Pwnee Studios, Jordan Fisher, says:

“The whole studio is working full time on the Vita version right now. We’re going to get it out as fast as we can, but at this point is probably a month away.
Well, there you go, the news about Cloudberry Kingdom. If you happen to have PlayStation 3, then you're in luck. But if you are the owner of PlayStation Vita, then don't need to worry anything as this game will launch next month, which is coming even closer to realization. So be patient with that!

SOURCE: PlaystationLifestyle

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