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Play Chess Online on your Blog with Chess Boards Games, ChessGame or ChessBoard Widget
Hi bloggy readers,
Playing chess with chess boards in your spare time can be really fun, especially if the opponent side is your own friend. Competition can be really tight here, considering that your friend can be the real competitive side. Well, some of them are usually the ones that love to see your fall (just kidding!).

Anyway, if you are still novice in the world of chess, i do really think that playing chess with your friend is not recommended, while you might get bullied and outplayed really hard, especially if your friend has mastered this game really well. So, i would suggest you to begin your journey by playing chess boards with another opponent, your own computer. Apart from a variety of difficulties you can choose to play (beginner, intermediate, master), playing chess boards with computer can actually be the best way to sharpening your own skill, that later can be maximally utilized to humiliate your friend.

On the other hand, if there's any of you who want to stick your blog readers even more sticky, you can start nailing this cool chess boards widget called Chess Boards Game widget. If you are thinking this chess boards widget will work as a widget to play chess on your blog, then, you are thinking the right thing guys. By placing Chess Boards Game widget on your blog, now visitors will be able to steer their focus from reading your blog to begin stepping the pawn to the front of virtual chess boards. Anyway, adding this chess boards widget to your blog will not damage any part of your blog, even the page loading doesn't really feel any impact from the embed of the chess boards widget. So, this widget is highly recommended if you're running a chess or game related blog.

Chess boards by Sem_81

Now playing chess against computer can be so relaxing to do right away on your blog. You will learn what it takes to win. Rushing your army to strike the opponent is definitely not a wise strategy if you are aiming for victory. Preparing a great and solid wall to protect your King and Queen is the right thing to do.

Install Chess Boards Widget on Your Blog

Okay, if you are interested to install this chess boards widget into your blog, you can simply visit the chess boards widget page via the link above, and then set the widget size that fits with your blog, grab the code snippet, and you're good to go. After that, paste the code snippet into your blog widget via Dashboard > Layout/Design > Page Element > Add a Gadget > HTML/Javascript.

Anyway, have you managed to checkmate your friend this time?

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