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Designing a blog or website can be one hell of a job because it requires you to learn about programming and mark up language from the basic to (at least) advanced level, which consumes a lot of energy, time and the most importantly, money in the long term. And eventually, it could slowly burn your passion and motivation for blogging to death if you decided to design your own blog all by yourself.

Many popular bloggers out there said that if you want to seriously build your own blog, then you must hand over all the jobs about web designing and any technical issue whatsoever to your friends or other people that are well experienced in this field. By doing this, you can finally focus all of your concentration to one point, the content production, which holds the important role in building your internet business in the future.

Therefore, if you want to start building your serious blog but you don’t have any clue about how to design your blog, then you must ask your friends or pay other people to design your blog and also to handle everything that requires technical ability.

This includes registering the domain name of your blog, setting up the DNS for your domain, finding the right and trusted web hosting service, and finally designing your own blog. And once all of those processes are done, you can finally focus yourself on the most important process, the content production.

Anyway, one of the easiest ways to get your blog designed professionally is by using the service from is a website that dedicates its service to review and share many beautiful Wordpress themes to many bloggers out there.

On this website, you are provided with bunch of great themes specifically made for Wordpress blog. So if you already have domain name and web hosting plan for your blog, then the next thing to do is to choose what kind of Wordpress theme that suits perfectly with the topic of your blog.

For example, if you want to get a perfect Wordpress theme for your personal blog or news blog, there is a section on that website called “Elegant Themes”, where you can get many elegant and professional looking Wordpress templates, which might be perfect for your blog.

What makes great is because by paying only a small amount of money, you can get unlimited access to all of their theme collection, which you can test drive to your Wordpress blog. And if you think your chosen template is not suitable for your blog, then you can switch to other dozens of beautiful, feature-rich themes. Isn’t that great?

The other great thing about is that on the right sidebar of this website, you can see the section called “Recommendation Themes”, which features some great and beautiful Wordpress templates that are highly recommended for you. So you don’t need to bother yourself anymore to find other themes because I personally think that some of the Wordpress templates on this section look great and professional.

So in conclusion, if right now you don’t have any clue about how to design your Wordpress blog and you don’t want to waste your time about web designing process or any technical issue whatsoever, I think one of the best ways to get your blog designed is by visiting, the place where you can get many great Wordpress theme reviews.

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